New Jersey Long Term Care Insurance

The Long-Term Care Insurance group was started in Long Island with my partners in 1990s. We put together several insurance programs for seniors and their families, that minimized Estate Taxes while providing their families with the security of, not having to sell their homes and assets, should anyone need to go into a nursing home, because of an illness or their inability to take care of themselves.

The program blossomed over the years, and we expanded to New Jersey in 2001. We developed a simple solution that clearly informs our clients about all the aspects of long-term care at home, in contrast to a nursing home. This program can legally reduce or prevent the government from having you, sell your home just to get into a nursing home.

For that reason, our clients are very happy, knowing that they will not be a burden to their family or friends, regarding having someone or several people, having to care for them at home. Long-Term Care Insurance places the burden on the insurance company, not you!

Please give us the opportunity to discuss these programs with you soon; so that you too, will not be your spouses or children’s challenge, should you need care above and beyond an aspirin.

Thank you.